Becoming a Storypreneur: Content & Schedule

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The eight core modules in Becoming a Storypreneur are:

Module 1: Starting with why (starts Apr 2) 

The importance of understanding and setting short & long term goals for yourself, your brand/company, and your project. How this informs and structures everything about your digital marketing plan.

Module 2: Defining your story’s audience (starts Apr 16)

Learn about the digital audience, the roles they can play in your project and how these need to align with your goals. Understand the power of niches, and how to research and define your target markets to create demographic profiles and identify potential key online influencers.

Module 3: Search, discovery & story (starts Apr 23)

Discoverability is a huge challenge in an environment of abundant and ever-growing content. Learn how to dramatically increase the chances of your project getting found online and how to tap into the power of language and data provided by online search tools.

Module 4: Social media & story (starts Apr 30)

The online world is a social world, one that can be all-consuming if you let it. Learn how to be strategic about your project’s social media presence and how to use it to help tell your story.

Module 5: Other ways to promote your story & engage your audience online (starts May 7)

Besides search and social media, many other opportunities exist online to market your project. Learn about best practices for digital advertising, publicity, email marketing, crowdfunding and other tactics as well as how to figure out which ones are right for your story and the journey and roles you want your audience to take.

Module 6: The digital economy & your story (starts May 21)

While gatekeepers and curators are still an important part of reaching an audience, many online opportunities exist today for direct or DIY distribution, as well as a number of revenue streams. Learn about digital distribution and monetization and how to determine which opportunities will best help you achieve your goals.

Module 7: Understanding the story in the data (starts May 28)

One of the most empowering things online is the access to data, but it can get absolutely overwhelming. Learn how and where to collect the data most relevant to your project and how to analyze this information to further your goals and find digital success.

Module 8: Putting it all together & course wrap up (starts Jun 4)

This module will demonstrate how the applied work for each module can be put into a digital marketing and business plan. This document will incorporate the audience design and development best practices you have learned throughout the course. Variations of it can be used internally to provide structure and focus for your  team or externally to attract partners, investment and funding.

BONUS MODULE: Understanding the online landscape for your story (pre-recorded webinar)

Advanced guidance and direction for market research. Provides a big picture view of your future digital marketing and business plan. Important when looking for outside investment. Walks through data gathering for a market situation and SWOT analysis, as well as tools to help with competitive intelligence.

Detailed Schedule

Week # Date Event Details
1 Apr 2** Group Meeting Program launch meeting & Module 1 launch (1-1.5 hrs)
2 Week of Apr 9 Coaching One-on-one coaching sessions (up to 1 hr each)
3 Apr 16 Group Meeting Module 1 review & Module 2 launch (1.5-2 hrs)
4 Apr 23 Group Meeting Module 2 review & Module 3 launch (1.5-2 hrs)
5 Apr 30 Group Meeting Module 3 review & Module 4 launch (1.5-2 hrs)
6 May 7 Group Meeting Module 4 review & Module 5 launch (1.5-2 hrs)
7 Week of May 14 Coaching One-on-one coaching sessions (up to 1 hr each)
8 May 21 Group Meeting Module 5 review & Module 6 launch (1.5-2 hrs)
9 May 28 Group Meeting Module 6 review & Module 7 launch (1.5-2 hrs)
10 Jun 4 Group Meeting Module 7 review, Module 8 launch & program wrap up (1.5-2 hrs)
11 Week of Jun 18 Coaching Final one-on-one coaching sessions (up to 1 hr each)

Note: Group meetings are typically held online or via phone at 12:30 PM EST/9:30 AM PST on the days indicated. 

Each meeting is recorded for the benefit of participants unable to attend. One-on-one coaching sessions are scheduled with you in advance of the program beginning. 

*An Important Note About Bursaries

The registration fee per project is $2,500. However, funding support is available from relevant organizations in many Canadian jurisdictions. Contact for details.