Digital Marketing Workshops, Presentations & Mentorship

Stories need an audience and storytellers need a business model.

Annelise Larson has been teaching filmmakers and other screen media storytellers how to make the most of the digital opportunity for over 10 years.  Her students  have learned about crowdfunding, digital discoverability & distribution, online engagement & audience development, data analysis, digital marketing plans and much, much more.


Learn online together

APPLY NOW for the Spring 2018 Cohort of Becoming a Storypreneur, a comprehensive online digital marketing course for filmmakers & other screen media storytellers! Deadline is March 16, 2018


Learn in person

Find out about Annelise's upcoming and past workshops &  presentations and how your organization can hire her to provide digital marketing & strategic training.


Learn on your own

Here you will find resources to help you get started on a digital marketing or audience engagement plan for your screen media story.

If you are interested in hiring Annelise as a digital marketing expert (for the Telefilm Talent to Watch Fund, for instance) or for strategic and applied services for your company or your next film, television, web series, video game or other screen media storytelling project, please refer to the information at