How to Book a Workshop or Presentation with Annelise Larson

Annelise has developed a catalogue of successful presentations and workshops over the years, but can also create something customized for you, your organization or community. Please look through the example workshops and presentations at the bottom of the page and then fill out the following form:

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These workshops are all highly practical and involve applied exercises. They generally require participants to use a specific project or their production company/organization as the subject of these exercises. For best results, these are usually limited to between 6 and 10 projects (with up to three people per project being allowed).

Many of these can be taught on site in one day, or online stretched over four weeks with one group session per week. Also recommend at least one 1-hour followup session with each team after the workshop for individualized Q&A and review of work done in the workshop.

Past topics have included:

  • Audience Design & Development
  • Unlocking Digital Success 
  • Digital Marketing for Producers (film or interactive)
  • Crowdfunding for Creatives

Presentation EXAMPLES

Annelise also does numerous presentations about the digital opportunity for creatives and how it can empower them to better understand and serve their audiences (and therefore develop a sustainable creative life). Length of these presentations typically run between 45 minutes and one and a half hours. Past topics have included:

  • Finding & Building a Digital Audience
  • You, Your Audience & the Digital Opportunity
  • Web Series Audience Design & Development
  • Discovering a Business Model in the Data
  • Understanding & Designing Your Digital Brand