Don’t believe us! Hear how useful training with Annelise is from some of the past participants in her courses:

"[The Becoming a Storypreneur course] was very helpful and I was lucky since my project got to grow its online presence as we were doing the course. So I got to see an immediate payoff and the specific results associated to it."  – Jason Brennan, Nish Media, Québec

"The online classes were very well structured with weekly lessons, powerful exercises and regular guest speakers. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with other students across Canada as well. Annelise’s personable approach made everyone feel comfortable to share and ask questions. The digital marketing tactics I’ve learned over the past few months will definitely be utilized on a daily basis." - Delanne Reid Young, Parallax Film Productions, British Columbia

"Annelise is a fantastic educator who conveys information clearly and effectively, and who genuinely cares about the success of her students. Annelise taught me incredibly valuable SEO and content strategy skills that I have taken with me on all of my subsequent projects. Annelise is so supportive and insightful, I feel privileged to have worked with her." – Marissa Mills, Agentic Digital Media, British Columbia

"I was in the first Swedish cohort of the Storypreneur programme, and was deeply impressed by Annelise’s knowledge and generosity. Not only did the course exponentially expand my understanding of the digital marketplace and opportunities, but it was given in a context that reflected the power of community that she was teaching us. That’s just smart!" – Phil Jandaly, Bedouin Viking, Sweden

"The Storypreneur course provided a solid foundation for understanding how to best use social and digital media platforms and channels to develop content, build audience engagement from the ground up and respond to analytics. I feel I have benefited professionally, as the course provided a path to a new way of engaging with consumers to enhance my business. While I may not be doing this work personally moving forward, I understand which questions to ask of the people I’ll be hiring for the job." – Angela Heck, National Screen Institute, Manitoba

"The Storypreneur workshop is an extremely valuable experience for anyone who wants to create a film or story and reach an audience. Taking our feature film Hunting Season through the program allowed us to define the niche audience and develop a plan to reach them. Annelise brings up to date knowledge that helps participants navigate the digital space in a fun and productive way. Highly recommend this course!" – Shayne Metcalfe, I See Motion Picture Company, Saskatchewan

"Annelise really helped me understand the big picture hidden in the data. Using easy tools, widely available online, I was able to further refine my production plan and pinpoint the most efficient thrust for marketing dollars; in the process saving money and defining the product for the core audience!" – Marc Stephenson, Sheep Noir Films, British Columbia

"Annelise Larson has amazing insight into the online/social media landscape, and helped open our eyes to the ways in which specific types of audiences can be reached using targeted research tools. It was a very challenging course that helped us define specific goals, and the strategies we can use going forward. Annelise is a terrific and supportive mentor and I highly recommend the experience for indie filmmakers in particular." – Katherine Schlemmer, “The death (and life) of Carl Naardlinger,” Ontario

"Learning from someone who is a professional in the industry with projects underway was invaluable. I have new confidence in how my understanding of data, social media and niche marketing will help to position my content in the most successful ways possible. From crowdfunding to keyword analysis, Annelise Larson delivers a comprehensive course that empowers you to become a Storypreneur." – Stefan Rasporich, Haunted YYC, Alberta

"The [Becoming a Storypreneur] course content and Annelise’s experience and savvy combined to provide greater insight into further refining our target audience, beyond our initial marketing plan submitted to apply to the MicroBudget Program. Annelise is a total champion of her student/clients and I am grateful for the connection and opportunity." – Kirsten Carthew, Jill & Jackfish Productions, Northwest Territories

"Annelise’s Storypreneur course is nothing less than a “must take” for independent filmmakers who want to focus seriously on getting their stories out on digital media. From finding your digital audience, to securing funding, to fine-tuning your marketing and distribution, Annelise covers everything you need to compete as a filmmaker in today’s digital world – without having to rely on traditional distributors to spot your masterpiece. For me, the Storypreneur workshops were an amazing window into distribution possibilities I never knew existed. Top notch!" –  John Mather, Red Castle Films, British Columbia